Aqua Aloe Vera Gel


Skin tightening cream
Size: 100grm

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This is aloe vera aqua gel. It is used for all skin types and made with aloe vera juice, aloe extract, vitamin e and glycerine

• Soothes dry and irritated skin and after shave also this gel can be used
• Used as a skin tightening and wrinkes too–U have to apply twice a day in your face for skin tightening and wrinkles free
• Used as a moisturizer cream-u can apply it after bath in whole body
• It can also be used to close your open pores of your skin- U have to used twice a day in your face to get rid of your open pores
• Used as a day cream and night cream- U have to apply on face after bath and before going to bed at night u have to apply