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Food to your hair
Size: 100gm

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AMHIDDA HAIR PACK is made up of 35+ herbs…totally natural .. chemical free..herbs like Amla, aritha, shikkhai, neem, bhangro, gullahpatti, ghodavaj and like that 35 herbs..This protein pack gives food to your hair.

• Gives protein to your hair and gives food to your hair
• It has no harm. It is pure natural and no chemical
• HOW TO USE..take hair powder in an iron vessel and soak it in water containing overnight.Next day morning add 2 teaspoons curd in it and apply it to the head scalp.Women should take 2 teaspoons of hair powder and men should take 1 teaspoon
• You can add onion juice also in it if u have baldness problem
• You have to keep it for more than 30 minutes